How to make a ghetto fisheye for any camera CHEAP!

For only £2.50 you can make yourself a ghetto ass fisheye for all those proper gully angles.

Works best with cameras with small flush lenses like mobile phones or handicams.


Step 1) Buy this (or get cheaper one from your local hardware store)

Step 2) Cut out a gap in a bottle gap to fit the neck of the peep hole in (Not essential, just easier to mount)

Step 3) Unscrew back of peep hole and push the neck through, screw the back on.

Step 4) Mount the finished lens on your camera with whatever you can get your hands on! Tape, blu tack etc… For true security duct tape that fucker!!

Your finsihed ghetto fisheye should look something like this

Ghetto fisheye made from a peep hole


Here is some footage of Grant Taylor recorded with this sick little fisheye to show you its true power (about 50 seconds in)



Supreme / Thrasher William Strobeck edit – Sickness

William Strobek is back with another rad edit for Supreme.

To hype the release of the latest Supreme x Thrasher Collab bill has put together clips from a recent San Fransisco trip, with hucked tricks including the gnarliest front shuv bs 5050 Ive ever seen, smattered with enticing slow mo make this a super enjoyable yet edgy edit.

Watch SICKNESS below