In Search of the Miraculous – Polar / Pontus Alv full video (MUST WATCH)

In Search of the Miraculous is a real gem, one of the few videos which come around that truly make you stop and think “wow”. Just phenomenal, a work of art from start to finish. It manages to portray the nostalgic vintage feel naturally, without it feeling forced. From stop motion to old Alv family videos, Klez Zawisa does a great job with the art direction.

There is a real feel of sorrow initially remembering DIY spots been and gone, the passing of Pontus’ dad Torsten and general remembering of skateboarding while displaying some rad skate action. The film proceeds with a plethora of DIY spots the swedes are famed for, mixed in with an increasing feel of jubilation. Never have I watched a video with such intense skating intertwined with such emotion.

Props to Pontus & Klez on the film and the Polar gang for the rad skating, even more so for releasing it for free, enjoy …


In Search of the Miraculous from Polar Skate Co. on Vimeo.

HORNY – John Wilson new web edit NY scene

Yesterday the internet was graced with another banging edit from John Wilson , HORNY.It features the usual rippers such as Max Palmer, Rob harris, Keith Denley and even some Alex Olson footage. Not forgetting all the other NY heads not mentioned, this edit is raw street skating with a good vibe, gnarly tricks and tight soundtrack (Chilled out version of Todd Terje inspector norse is on point.)

Check out Johnny’s full release on DVD Paych and Beef patty 

UPDATE: I just got the DVD in the post, stoked so much rawness and creativity, even my girl sat through both films in one sitting